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TIWH: February 23rd

By Daniella Flores

February 23, 2003
Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger

The Rudds

The Rudds

What is a great way of starting a relationship? Why, by moving in of course!

That’s how Paul Rudd’s relationship with Julie Yaeger began. Rudd was visiting New York City in 1995 in order to promote his new film Clueless. After Rudd and Yaeger met, he ended up sleeping over at Yaeger’s place, and never left.

“My best friend is my wife, of course,” said Rudd. “I [had] ended up staying at her apartment, and that led to my living there. We didn’t date. I just moved in.”

After several years of togetherness, the couple married on February 23rd 2003 in a quiet ceremony in upstate New York.

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