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TIWH: January 18th

By Tia Ayers
Mr. & Mrs. Winwood

Mr. & Mrs. Winwood

January 18, 1987
Steve Winwood & Eugenia Crafton

In the early 1980s, nothing seemed to be going right for Steve Winwood. Within a year, both his manager and his best friend passed away and his marriage was in shambles. But in 1985, he teamed up with a new manager and moved to the U.S. to produce a new album.

One night, not long after arriving, he went to a small show at New York City’s Lone Star Cafe. There, he met Eugenia Crafton, a pretty blonde girl from Tennessee. From that moment on, things began to turn around.

Within a year Winwood had a successful album called “Back in the High Life”, and two Grammies. The album featured the hit single, “Bring me a higher love” and Crafton certainly brought him that, as shown by their marriage on January 18, 1987.

Twenty-three years later, Winwood and Crafton are still living the high life, in Nashville, Tennessee with their four children.

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